Annually the Kentucky Soccer Referee Association (KSRA) offers nearly 100 courses throughout the commonwealth licensing referees to service our youth and adult programs. About half of these courses are entry level and the other half are re-certification. The instructors who teach these courses are certified and regularly trained by US Soccer's Referee Development Program and report to the KSRA Referee Committee.

In the Spring of 2013 the Kentucky Soccer Referee Association entered into an agreement with to provide a platform for online learning and the processing of all US Soccer Referee Registrations. Subsequently, almost all of the re-certification courses are now offered online. Moreover, it will host as our medium to register anyone desiring to attend any referee class offered in the Commonwealth. All payments will be made directly through the secure system. They will no longer accept payment in-person unless prior arrangements have been made with a member of the KSRA Referee Committee. We suggest purchasing and using a pre-paid VISA or Mastercard from a local grocery store if you are concerned about the security of online transactions.

We annually host entry level courses throughout the Commonwealth before the start of the Spring season (January-April) and before the Fall season (July & August). Re-certification courses are normally held between November and April. We also accept requests for courses outside of these timeframes as well as a special course for those in rural areas. Our standard course minimum is 15 people.

In an effort to retain as many referees as possible, U.S. Soccer has given states the levity to allow referees whose license has lapsed up to two calendar years to merely complete a recertification course and renew their license. After three but no more than four calendar years have lapsed, referees can attend a bridge course to renew their license. Please contact us with any questions you have regarding licensing. We do not want to lose you.


All courses require pre-registration at
Many one-day courses require online pre-course work to be completed before attending.


Also, contact Head Referee Brian Wentz