1. HOW DO I SIGN MY CHILD UP?  There are two ways to sign up a player – online and paper registration.  For online registration go to the Registration Tab for details.  For paper sign-ups watch the Mercer Youth Soccer Association Facebook page for upcoming sign up days, times, and locations.

2. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO SIGN UP MY CHILD?  Present registration costs for U6 and U8 are $50 each child, and U10 and up are $60 each child.  Uniforms are $25 each child (but are good for the fall and spring season), which are required every fall for all players, and for players in the spring that did not play the previous fall or request to be taken off of the team in which they previously played.  And late fees are $20 each after the late fee date.


4. IS THERE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE?  We do have a scholarship available for only one season of the two season year - fall or spring. It is half the cost for that season. It does require a statement from you explaining why you need it and to be voted on by the MYSA board.

5. IF MY CHILD PLAYED THE PREVIOUS SEASON, DO WE NEED TO BUY NEW UNIFORMS?  All players need a new uniform for the fall season.  If players played the previous fall, then they do not need new uniforms for the spring, unless they are replacing lost or damaged uniforms or if they request to be taken off of a team in which they played the previous fall.

6. WHAT ARE THE DATES FOR THE FALL SEASON AND REGISTRATION?  Typically, registration begins after the spring season, the late fees apply around July 15, and ends around the end of July or beginning of August.  The coaches meeting is normally the week after registration ends. Players should start to hear from the coaches within a day or two after the coaches meeting.  Games typically begin the weekend after Labor Day and run to the end of October.

7. WHAT ARE THE DATES FOR THE SPRING SEASON AND REGISTRATION?  Registration is open until February 28.  The late fee of $20 will be applied on February 15.  The coaches meeting is normally the week after registration ends.  Players should start to hear from the coaches within a day or two after the coaches meeting.  Games typically begin by mid-March and end early May.

8. WHAT DOES U6, U8, U10, U12, AND U14 MEAN?  U means Under, so U6 means Under 6-years old, and so on.  The terminology has been changed recently to 6&U (6 and Under), 8&U, 10&U, 12&U, and 14&U due to the registration age change from the school year age to the birth year age.

9. IS THERE ANY TRAVELING INVOLVED?  All U6 and U8 games are at our home field at Anderson-Dean Park.  U10 and up are travel teams and are determined by their coaches after attending centralized scheduling.  Most away games for U10 and U12 are to Lincoln, Boyle, and Anderson Counties. Occasionally, there are games in Winchester, Paris, and Owen County.  U14 depends on where we can find other U14 teams to play. In the fall since 2016, our team joined with LYSA (Lexington) and played mostly in Lexington, as well as Versailles and Richmond.

10. HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT AGE LEVEL MY CHILD WILL PLAY IN?  The birth year determines which level your child will play.  Refer to the following chart:

BIRTH YEAR Fall 2019-Spring 20 Fall 2020-Spring 21 Fall 2021-Spring 22 Fall 2022-Spring 23
2006 U14
2007 U14 U14
2008 U12 U14 U14
2009 U12 U12 U14 U14
2010 U10 U12 U12 U14
2011 U10 U10 U12 U12
2012 U8 U10 U10 U12
2013 U8 U8 U10 U10
2014 U6 U8 U8 U10
2015 U6 U6 U8 U8
2016 U6 U6 U8
2017 U6 U6
2018 U6

11. WILL SIBLINGS BE ON THE SAME TEAM?  Yes, as long as they are in the same age level.

12. CAN FAMILY MEMBERS, OTHER THAN SIBLINGS, BE ON THE SAME TEAM?  Only if family members live in the same household, can they request to be on the same team.  Otherwise, the answer is no.

13. CAN WE REQUEST A SPECIFIC TEAM?  No.  The only request that can be made is to not be placed with a specific coach.

14. HOW ARE TEAMS FORMED?  New players, those that move up to the next level, and those who request to be moved off of a team are placed in a pool, and the names are drawn at random and placed on teams.  Returning players who are staying in the same league remain on the team in which they last played, unless specified that they wish to no longer play for the same team. There is no selection based on skill level.  MYSA follows the KYSA (Kentucky Youth Soccer Association) rules on this matter. For further reading, please visit the KYSA webpage.

15. WHEN ARE PRACTICE AND GAME DAYS?  Practices are determined by the coaches at the coaches meeting.  U6 and U8 game days are mostly on Mondays and Saturdays. U10 and up are determined by the coaches after they attend the centralized scheduling for the area.

16. CAN A PLAYER PLAY UP IN THE NEXT AGE LEVEL?  No.  All players must play in their age-appropriate league.

17. CAN A PLAYER PLAY DOWN IN AN YOUNGER AGE LEVEL (ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVE NEVER PLAYED BEFORE)?  No.  All players must play in their age-appropriate league.

18. HOW DO I CONTACT MYSA?  Mercer Youth Soccer Association Facebook page and Messenger and by email:  Please, do not contact individual board members unless they give you permission to do so.  This is to ensure that all contact is kept where it can be found quickly and easily by any board member.  Keep in mind that we are all volunteers, and it may take us some time to return any messages, though we try to respond as quickly as possible.

19. HOW MANY PRACTICES ARE THERE PER WEEK?  Usually teams practice two times per week.

20. HOW LONG DOES PRACTICE LAST?  According to KYSA, practices for players six and younger should be no more than an 45 minutes. Under-8 players practice one hour. Under-10 players are about an hour and 15 minutes. Older players practice for about an hour and a half.

21. WHAT EQUIPMENT DO I NEED?  Shin guards are required for all practices and games. Cleated shoes are needed if play will be on wet, muddy or soft surfaces. For very young players, sneakers will do fine.  Items can be found online through the US Youth Soccer Shop (

22. DO I NEED SOCCER SHOES OR WILL TENNIS SHOES BE OKAY?  For younger players, sneakers work fine on a dry field. Older players or wet and muddy conditions may require cleats.

23. WHAT DOES MY CHILD NEED TO BRING TO PRACTICE?  A ball (with their name on it), soccer shoes, shin guards, plenty of water, and a positive attitude.

24. WHAT SIZE BALL DO YOU USE?  Under-8s and younger play with a No. 3. Under-10 through Under-12 play with a No. 4. Players Under-14 though adult use a No. 5.

25. CAN PLAYERS WEAR A CAST (OR EARRINGS, RELIGIOUS MEDALS, EYEGLASSES)?  The FIFA Laws of the Game prohibit anything which is dangerous to a player or other players. Referees determine if an item can be worn without being dangerous.  Jewelry and religious medals, hard head bands, watches, and non-prescription glasses are prohibited. Casts are generally safe, as long as there is no metal and are not used as weapons.  Medical tags may be worn if taped down and well secured. Prescription glasses are allowed, as long as they are being used.

26. WHY CAN'T PLAYERS WEAR HELMETS?  Helmets are not included in the Laws of the Game under Players Equipment. Although the player wearing the headgear is protected, he may play in a physically more aggressive manner than others not protected, thereby becoming a danger to others.  However, a player is allowed to wear concussion headwear, which is highly recommended if they have already suffered from a concussion.

27. ARE MOUTH GUARDS NEEDED?  Injuries to the teeth are so few that insurers do not require them. Many dentists however recommend them.

28. IS MY CHILD ALLOWED TO WEAR A JACKET, GLOVES, OR HEAD COVER DURING THE GAME?  Jackets are allowed if they are worn under the jersey with the hood tucked in.  Gloves and soft head covers that are deemed safe by the referees are also allowed.

29. HOW MANY PLAYERS ARE ON A TEAM?   U-6 play 4v4, U-8 play 5v5, U-10 play 7v7, Under-12 play 9v9 and older teams play 11v11.

30. HOW BIG IS THE FIELD?  Field sizes vary by age group. Recommendations are 30x20 yards for U6, 30x25 yards for U8, 55x40 yards for U10, 75x50 for U12 and U14-19 play 100x50 up to 120x80 yards.

31. WHY DOES OUR LEAGUE NOT POST STANDINGS?  At the younger ages we place a priority on participation and deemphasize results.

32. HOW DO I GET INFORMATION ABOUT COACHING LICENSE COURSES?  For the D and E licenses, U-6/U-8 Youth Module, U-10/U-12 Youth Module and the US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer Coaching Course you can contact your State Associate ( For the A, B and C licenses, please contact U.S. Soccer. For the National Youth License, you can register through US Youth Soccer.

33. MY CHILD HAS A DISABILITY. IS THERE A PLACE FOR HIM/HER?  US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer is a program for players with mental or physical challenges.

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